''How I Created A Digital Advertising Business Using A 'Zero Experience' Step-by-Step Process..."
With Your Host: Danny Tran
Here's What You'll Learn In this Training:
 My signature step-by-step method on how to Find Struggling Local Businesses That Need Marketing services
 The quickest way to turn Any Business Into A Paying Client... and The BIGGEST Mistake most people Make
 The Complete roadmap you need to Run your Entire Digital Advertising Business On "Auto-Pilot"
Who Is Danny Tran?
Danny Tran is a digital marketer, consultant and serial entrepreneur in the online space. Over the past few years, he has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses for his clients and own brands to date. He is the founder of Highstoke Media and The Digital Entrepreneur Community.

In this masterclass, Danny reveals how he went from getting fired at his "stable" corporate 9-5 job to starting a successful digital advertising business in less than a year, amidst the COVID events around the world.

Since launch, Danny has helped more than 12,000 entrepreneurs in over 15 countries learn the exact steps to starting their own profitable digital businesses.

Register your spot NOW and learn about a never-been-seen before opportunity that you can start today. See you soon on the livestream!

Kehaulani Park

"Happy to report after applying the content for 3 days straight, I have 9 potential clients! So stoked, thank you so much!"

Auden Wu

"I landed 3 paid clients within the first 24 hours. I made enough to finally have the courage to escape my 9-5!"

Chichi Zhang

"I got 3 client appointments in less than a week! To be able to work from anywhere in this world is definitely a luxury."
How Does This Digital Business Model REALLY Work?
First, this is NOT some 'MLM,' 'Pyramid' or 'Get-Rich-Quick' scheme.

This has NOTHING to do with buying and selling products.

There’s NO need to sell your friends and family useless things.

And NOTHING related to 'affiliates,' 'referrals,' or being 'scammy' with your business.

In fact, this business model provides a REAL solution to help impact other business owners.

And it's one of the few businesses that will still THRIVE during times of global pandemics and recessions.
Because here's how it works:
1) Find a local business who needs more customers (HINT: ALL businesses are struggling right now! Dentists, Hair Stylists, Gyms, Martial Arts Studios, Chiropractors, Trainers, Spas, etc...)

2) Set up a simple marketing system that brings them new customers (I'm going to show you EXACTLY how we do this with Facebook/Instagram ads and a 2-page website that we'll provide for FREE in this training)

3) Every business needs new customers to survive. So these businesses pay every month to keep their campaign running to always find new customers.
And the best part is...

It’s SIMPLE to do & anyone with a computer & internet connection can start.
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At the end of the masterclass, Danny will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with him and his team to get help with implementing what they learn on the training and more. Please note that this is completely optional. The training lasts about 120 minutes and if you don’t want to work more closely with Danny, you can leave without investing into anything. The masterclass will be holding NOTHING back and you’ll learn actionable steps that you can implement right away on your own.